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Experience the F1000

Formula B (F1000) Specs

Chassis of the Formula B F1000

3d concept model of the F1000
  • The F1000 tig welded chrome moly alloy steel tubular frame with stressed aluminum under tray optimized for torsional rigidity
  • Chassis complies with all SCCA rule and regulations for 2010

Crash Structure

  • Aluminum front impact crush structure meeting current SCCA crush structure requirements with GFRP impact absorbing nose structure.
  • Triangulated Side Impact Frame rails for superb impact absorption and chassis rigidity.


Profile of the F1000’s body
  • 12 piece bodywork (color impregnated gelcoat)
  • Custom colors available


3d concept model of the F1000’s suspension
  • Independent pushrod activated double wishbone suspension.
  • A-arms made of streamline 4130 alloy steel tubing with Aurora high strength Teflon lubricated bearings and rod-ends.
  • Uprights and hubs are of billet aluminum AL6061-T6 construction along with Toe and Camber blocks. Adjustability includes: Caster (0 to 6deg), Camber (0 to -5deg), Ackermann.
  • Any 12.7in length shocks (dampers) with 2.0", 2.25" or 2.5" springs.
  • Rack and pinion steering.
  • All components are non handed and most are universal.
  • Upper and lower A-arms are non handed to lower spares cost.


3d concept model of the F1000’s brakes
  • Alcon 4-piston racing calipers on a 278mm diameter ventilated discs
  • Cockpit adjustable brake balance (bias).
  • Tiltan master cylinders


  • Front: 8" x 13" three-piece Jongbloed JRW 330 wheels
  • Rear: 10" x 13" three-piece Jongbloed JRW 330 wheels
  • Other sizes are available

Drive Train

  • Damped Chain Drive optimized for smooth initial throttle transition and gear/chain impact loading reduction
  • Low rotational inertia Taylor Racing Torsen limited slip differential housing with integrated sprocket mount. Fully adjustable chain tension and sprocket alignment.


3d concept model of the F1000’s wings
  • Dual element fully adjustable composite front wing with spill plates.
  • Three element fully adjustable rear wing. Lower element optimized to augment diffuser scavenging for improved aerodynamic efficiency.
  • Stepped F1 style front splitter.


  • Rod Davis custom aluminum radiator integrated into left side pod.
  • Aluminum oil cooler integrated into right side pod for maximum cooling.


  • Any Sport Bike / Super Bike 600cc to 1300cc motorcycle engine.

Fuel System

  • High capacity 10.8 gallon FT3-1999 compliant ATL fuel cell incorporating an internal high pressure fuel pump.

Oil System

  • High capacity 7+ quart dry sump oil system developed for the Honda CBR1000.
  • Options for other engines available


  • Full chassis wiring harness.


  • Willians 6-point anti-submarine safety harness (belts).
  • SPA 3.375 liter FIA approved fire protection system.
  • Roll-over hoop designed to exceed SCCA roll over crash safety requirements.


  • Cockpit adjustable anti-roll bar, front and rear.
  • Electric or air paddle shift
  • AP Racing 4-piston racing calipers on ventilated disks
  • Brembo 2-piston racing calipers on ventilated disks
  • Double adjustable Penske shock
  • Spare packages available.


  • 3 and 4-way adjustable Penske shock.
  • Engine performance package with each car dyno
  • Paddle shift, electric or air.